tween tap!: ages 4-8

Take your tap technique, musicality & rhythm to the next level!

TWEEN TAP is an open level class that incorporates both Broadway and Rhythm Tap Techniques in order to provide students with a well-rounded tap education. Our goal is to build a strong foundation of vocabulary, coordination, technique and musicality in each and every student. We will focus on fundamental areas of tap such as: weight shift (i.e. step, hop, leap, ball change, and skip), combined with basic moves (i.e. shuffle, slap and flap) and explore how combining the two leads to larger ideas like time steps, progressions and choreography. Students will explore the mind-body connection by applying musical phrasing to tap vocabulary and movement patterning; and as a result, will develop a greater sense of musicality, body awareness and coordination. Classes will also include enrichment games, improvisation exercises, and musical exploration. Our utmost priority is to provide an energetically positive learning environment where students learn to be mutually supportive and encouraging of one another, as they collectively build confidence through self expression using the universal language of rhythm.


Comfortable active wear suitable for moving. Torso must be fully covered. Leotards & tights are not required. Tap shoes are required.


9 Week Fall Session

Saturdays 10-11:00am October 12th - December 14th (*No class November 30th)

*Minimum enrollment required.

The Rhythmic Arts Center 2358 Saint Claude Ave

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